Consulting for High Performance

Too many organizations fall short of their potential. Too many people are disengaged at work. Too many teams are not aligned. Can’t we do better?

What if we flipped the script? Engaged employees. Aligned teams. Thriving organizations. We help you achieve purposeful and sustainable high performance by developing excellent leaders, designing high-performing organizations with a vibrant culture, and pointing the organization toward a higher purpose with positive social impact.

We provide organizational improvement and transformation consulting services. Start with an assessment of your pain points, and then craft a clear path forward that addresses leadership, people practices, purpose, values, vision, culture, and alignment.

Problems Addressed:

  • Disappointing results and slowing growth
  • Low engagement
  • Lack of innovation
  • Employee turnover
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lost fun factor


  • Identify current challenges and develop strategies to address them
  • Learn and develop advanced leadership practices for sustainable high performance
  • Build a strong culture and cohesive teams
  • Increase worker engagement
  • Create clarity and alignment
  • Create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation


  • Expert facilitation
  • Expert diagnosis of pain points and root causes
  • Culture-building methods
  • Alignment tools
  • Innovation frameworks and ideation techniques
  • Design thinking methods
  • Business modeling and strategic planning

See also Gregg’s Training Services, including custom workshops, retreats, and programs.

“The work is through the people.”

-Ron Heifetz, Harvard University