Charter Schools in Action

Charter Schools in Action: Renewing Public Education outlines a bold vision for how to renew public education with the needs of children, families, and educators in mind.

Gregg co-wrote the book with Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Bruno V. Manno, two distinguished education reformers. The book, based on the largest data set on charter schools at the time and since translated into Japanese, draws on interviews with hundreds of education entrepreneurs, leaders, and teachers and surveys of thousands of education stakeholders.

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“Masterful . . . This is a book that anyone with an interest in seriously reforming public education will find useful.”

​-Nina Rees, President, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


“The best book yet on charter schools.”

David Osborne, Washington Post Magazine


“A book that anyone interested in learning how charter schools have changed American education needs to read.”

Martin Morse Wooster, The Washington Times


“I would encourage anyone who cares about the future of our public schools to read it.”

Joseph Lieberman, former U.S. Senator


“No other book provides such a thorough overview of the thinking behind the charter school movement, and so carefully puts charter schools in context of other efforts to improve education. It should be must-reading for state legislators, public school administrators, school board members, education reporters, philanthropists, and people interested in operating charter schools.”

Paul Hill, Center on Reinventing Public Education, University of Washington