LIFE Entrepreneurs

LIFE Entrepreneurs is a clarion call for integrating our life and work with purpose and passion. The book tells the stories of people who have infused their life and work with energy, impact, and fulfillment. Co-authored with Christopher Gergen, LIFE Entrepreneurs draws upon interviews with 55 “life entrepreneurs” who have intentionally and creatively designed their lives. 

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“Some people don’t just live: they lead a life. They don’t sit around waiting for a lucky break. They create opportunities. They go after their dreams and bring them to life…. They develop a vision of the good life, devise a plan for how to attain it, go for it, and check their progress along the way. As with any great effort, their work is never done but ever-evolving and, often, inspiring to those around them. Welcome to the territory of life entrepreneurs.”-excerpt from LIFE Entrepreneurs



“This is one of the most inspiring and unique books I have come across in a long time. It addresses many of the most daunting dilemmas that modern workers face…. Their concept of ‘Life Entrepreneurship’ is a deep one.” —from the Foreword by Warren Bennis, best-selling author of On Becoming a Leader

“Highly effective people take a principled, integrated approach to life—inspired by vision and implemented with persistence. Gergen and Vanourek do a wonderful job bringing this philosophy to life through colorful storytelling and a well-conceived framework. Pick up this book and read it. It might change your life.” Stephen R. Covey, best-selling author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“I highly recommend it.” Howard Schultz, former Chairman and CEO, Starbucks

“Provocative reading for all those committed to creating a life of significance and meaning. Filled with helpful strategies and hopeful stories.” Wendy Kopp, President and Founder, Teach for America

“A new approach to professional success and personal fulfillment… this book belongs on the nightstand of every thoughtful businessperson in America.” Daniel Pink, best-selling author

“This book is true, smart, honest, hopeful, and helpful. It is essential reading for anyone who shares the belief that work and life aren’t two separate categories, divided by pain, pressure, and a paycheck. Instead, here’s the good news: entrepreneurship isn’t just a way of making a living—it’s a way of life. Buy this book, read it, and then do it!” Alan M. Webber, co-founding editor, Fast Company magazine

“Gergen and Vanourek address the central issue of every emerging leader, ‘How can I design my life to be both fulfilling and significant?’… A must-read for all of us to use on our own journeys.” Bill George, best-selling author, Authentic Leadership, former CEO, Medtronic

“A great road map for anyone who is looking to find success and fulfillment doing what they are passionate about.” –Steve Ells, founder and chairman, Chipotle


Sampling of interviewees for the book: