Courses and Workshops Testimonials

Courses and Workshops Testimonials


“Working with Gregg was an absolute pleasure from initial preparation to execution. His approach was one of co-creation–making sure that he addressed exactly what our team needed, and it made my life so easy knowing I could customize our workshop by tapping into his wealth of knowledge across numerous topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, and transformation. When the day started, I was immediately impressed with his preparation–he had done research on each of our participants beforehand, so the day felt personalized from the first minute. And during the presentation I appreciated how deftly Gregg presented deep and powerful lessons in a variety of styles–from playful to reflective–to make sure that he reached each participant in different ways so that every single person walked away with new knowledge and inspiration.” –Alex Budak, former Country Manager, Reach for Change, Sweden

“After working in top law firms and as in-house counsel for nearly 30 years, I find myself thinking a lot about what comes next, and how I will write the third chapter of my life.  Gregg’s course on Crafting Your Life and Work therefore came at the perfect time for me and my spouse, who I encouraged to take the course with me, so that we could align our paths.  Gregg skillfully led us through a series of exercises and discussions that helped me more clearly identify my values, strengths, passions, and goals, which in turn allowed me to work toward a written purpose and vision statement describing my best version of the good life.  Now it’s time to put that vision into action, and I would not have gotten there without Gregg’s guidance and insight.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who is at an inflection point in their life and career.” –Brad Miller, attorney

“When Gregg Vanourek facilitated an advanced leadership program here at El Pomar Foundation, I was impressed with his professionalism and his ability to connect with our team. By coordinating with us in advance, Gregg delivered an engaging and inspiring program designed to give our staff tangible actions to develop both personally and professionally. Powerful content, powerful presenter.” –Gary Butterworth, Senior Vice President, Programs, El Pomar Foundation

“People like Gregg are rare. I have had the pleasure to work with Gregg for several years through the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, collaborating on several education-related projects. Gregg’s ability to enthuse and develop the thinking of learners is admirable. His deep thinking on leadership is depicted in his literature, and as a co-worker he is equally as encouraging as he is honest, and someone who sees his colleagues clearly for who they are. As an educator, leader and co-worker, Gregg earns my highest recommendation.” –Rasmus Rahm, Executive Director, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

“The best workshop facilitator I ever had. His workshop ‘Designing Your Life’ was a life-changing event, as I was challenged to think about my values and passions and to question what constitutes a good life for me…. I received a valuable set of tools and frameworks for tackling the endless decision possibilities in life. Even two years after the workshop, I am still using his materials for checking and tailoring my life decisions.” –Vivien, technology and innovation professional

“Gregg’s passion, professionalism and commitment were prominent in every slide of his presentations, every word he was writing on the board, every sentence he was sharing. The time and effort invested in preparing was competing with his talent and gift as a speaker and lecturer. His unique way of conveying the power of the things he was talking about through experiential learning activities and deep internal research exercises would commit us in an astonishingly flowing learning experience. I remember being surprised by how fast the time flew but most importantly how mixed my feelings were when it had ended. I met Gregg at a perfect time when I decided to pivot my life and move to another country after my studies. Leading my life with meaning and values is something that Gregg has taught me, the power of which I will always treasure; and for this I will always be grateful and indebted to him.” –Christos, software engineer, financial services company

“I had the privilege of participating in Gregg’s workshops, where he taught me to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving people’s lives. I’ve witnessed Gregg’s courage, commitment, and emotional intelligence time and again when he compassionately encouraged people to be resilient in the face of challenge and then passionately supported them to unleash their innovative thinking. Gregg is indeed a true leader, advocate and changemaker with an incredible ability to inspire people to dream more, learn more, and become more.” –Daniel, digital marketing strategist

“Gregg introduced me to the concept of life entrepreneurship in an extraordinary and purposeful manner. It inspired me to the point that I am actively using it to reflect upon my current situation and to direct my life towards my personal vision, values, and goals. There are very few people that have had such a direct positive impact on my life as Gregg has. If you ever get the chance to attend Gregg’s inspiring programs, I wholeheartedly recommend you to participate.” –Leo, data scientist

“If you look for someone who is very knowledgeable in his field, always aims to do his best, someone to trust and rely upon, well prepared, pleasant to work with, and creative finding new better ways of working. Then he’s the guy. I have had the pleasure of working with Gregg regarding leadership training in pan-European innovation and entrepreneurship programs involving a number of Europe’s best universities. Gregg has always delivered beyond my expectations, and been highly appreciated among the participants coming from all over the world.” –Martin Vendel, Academy, Director Academy, European Institute of Technology Urban Mobility

“Excellent facilitator who managed to create an atmosphere of sharing, honesty, reflection among a group of very inspiring participants. It was way above expectations.” -participant in a Stockholm leadership workshop

“I loved the workshop. I enjoyed every second of it.” -participant in a workshop

“This workshop was extraordinary. Gregg integrates well both the principles… and the real practice in the real firm. Also, participants were encouraged to speak up, share their thoughts, and I knew that everyone was really focused and listened to others’ comments.” -participant in a Stockholm workshop

“Perfection is the word to describe the workshop.” -participant in a Stockholm workshop

“Simply excellent in all areas.” -participant in a workshop

“A fantastic workshop.” -participant in a workshop

“I liked that Gregg generously offered his deep knowledge and expertise on a complex topic such as leadership in a simple, easy to remember, and beautiful way.” -participant in a workshop

“Could not have asked for a better person to lead this workshop: great interaction, safe and very relaxed atmosphere, etc. BEST WORKSHOP I have ever attended.” -workshop participant

“This workshop should be part of every university program.” -workshop participant

“The atmosphere was amazing.” -workshop participant