Coaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials


“Everyone who is pursuing a goal needs a coach. An advisor. Someone to hold them accountable. Someone who can see the bigger picture and leverage their experience to give you clarity. After 30 years of running small businesses and utilizing other coaches, I needed a fresh perspective. For the next stage of my professional career, it would be critical for me to truly understand how my traits, values, and past decisions could be leveraged to weave together my personal and professional aspirations. Gregg Vanourek provided a relaxed and professional atmosphere to accomplish this. By fully embracing his methodology and taking to heart tough business suggestions, which I needed to hear, Gregg has transformed the way that I manage my LIFE plan. I am very grateful for the time we continue to spend together learning and growing.” –Jason Henderberg, Owner, Henderberg Business Solutions

“Your guidance and coaching make a long-lasting difference in the lives of others. Your coaching and guidance helped me align my life with my personal values. The exercises you walked me through made my degree worthwhile. My current status aligns with my personal values and life’s mission, which you helped me explore.” –Dawn McNulty, Account Director, k2fly

“Gregg Vanourek has a gift for working with people, for quickly grasping a situation, determining priorities, and leading the willing and even the less than willing to implement solutions that generally are win/win. It was a real pleasure to work with him.” –Kurt Harper, Researcher and Education and Training Manager

“Your coaching and guidance helped me align my life with my personal values.” –coaching client


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