Webinar Optin – Traps of Living

Common Traps of Living

You want a good life with good work.

You want a life rich with vitality, connection, and impact. You want to live with purpose and passion, making progress toward your highest aspirations while enjoying life and making a difference.

To do that, you need clarity, direction, and motivation. And you need to be aware of the traps you’re falling into–the things that are inhibiting you from the life you want. Traps like overthinking, overwork, negative self-talk, postponing, self-doubt, comparing, perfectionism, and indecision.  

You need workable approaches for escaping your traps. 

You can craft a good life with good work. You just need a reliable process and some guidance–and to begin.

Invest in your future. Take the first step here.

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Webinar Contents:

  1. The common traps of living that lead us to frustration, disengagement, burnout, or dissatisfaction
  2. Your top traps
  3. How to avoid these traps, including key principles and practices of life design

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