Speaking Testimonials


“Gregg is an outstanding speaker who delivered a program that was thought-provoking and informative while at the same time entertaining and interactive…. Gregg checked all the boxes! People were engaged, left the event motivated with significant takeaways, and excited to apply the principles and concepts he presented to their life. He took the time to understand our audience and network so he could tailor his presentation to best fit their needs. I highly recommend him!” –Anne Behlouli, Best For Colorado, The Alliance Center

“There are a few people that truly affects your life. Gregg is one of them. With the passion of Richard Branson and public speaking skills like Steve Jobs, Gregg practices what he preaches and gives you a energy boost that lasts long after. If you get the chance to work with Gregg, take it.” –Nick Dahl, Spotify

“Gregg opened our conference with his moving, thoughtful, and evocative presentation titled ‘A Quest and a Call.’ It was a joy to collaborate with him on creating the topic for his presentation since he made it very clear from the beginning that he wanted to be highly relevant, valuable, and engaging to the attendees. Gregg is a gifted speaker and has a strong, clear, and also caring presence. He delivered above and beyond our expectations and set the entire tone of our conference from then on to be deeply meaningful.” –Jessica Brown, former Network Leader, Barrett Values Centre, now Programs Director, The Passion Company

“Gregg is a passionate and outstandingly skillful speaker! Gregg not only fulfilled my expectations, he by far exceeded them and left a lasting impression.” –Michael Gralla, sales account executive and former director, Karolinska Institute Career Retreat

“Gregg Vanourek is one of the world’s best specialists in life entrepreneurship.” –Bob Aubrey, top expert in human development, author, and Senior Advisor for Asia at the European Foundation of Management Development

“For several years in a row, Gregg has been the speaker and facilitator for the most important workshop in The American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden’s Mentoring Program: Leadership. I chose Gregg’s book, “Triple Crown Leadership,” for the program because it is power-packed with the essentials for today’s leaders, from new managers to senior executives. Gregg inspires us with his deeply insightful questions to go deep within and find our true leader: Who am I as a leader? What derails me from being the strong leader I know I am or can become? Great questions, Gregg. Thanks for helping us explore inward.” –Beth Topolovsky, Managing Partner, Stinson Partners

“I had the great opportunity to invite Gregg as our Lund University Future Faculty Retreat Keynote speaker and workshop holder. Gregg’s talk was both innovative and thought-provoking and his workshops did not disappoint. I was very happy that he took the time prior to the retreat to discuss with me the wants and needs of the Future Faculty audience, and he very nicely tailored his talk and workshop to suit.” –Susan Evans Axelsson, Medical Science Liaison Oncology, Bayer Sweden

“In our search for excellence in leadership we come across Gregg Vanourek and his book, Triple Crown Leadership. During one of our customer events, Gregg gave a keynote presentation which was highly appreciated by the audience, consisting of managers from different companies and levels. Gregg left us with interesting thoughts and a challenge to raise our standards for how we lead.” –Fredrika Schartau, Founding Partner, Signpost

“Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at our annual conference and delivered a powerful, memorable, and impactful message. We found his talk to be uplifting and highly relevant both to the students we serve and our staff. His points have resonated long after his time with us.” –Robin Wise, President and CEO, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain

“When Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at the Strom Center for Entrepreneurship conference, he skillfully engaged the audience with his message and stories. His blending of visuals, props, and even a soundtrack kept audience attention and energy level high. He worked closely with staff before the event to make sure his talk was tailored and relevant for both major segments of the audience—students and business leaders. Gregg’s keynote was powerful and yet playful.” –Jeanne Stolp MacDonald, Management and Marketing Faculty/Advisor, Department of Business Administration, Minot State University at Bismarck State College

“Gregg is a very talented speaker and a great leader who knows how to help people find their passion and motivate them. I couldn’t recommend Gregg Vanourek more.” –Laura, customer relationship manager at a med-tech startup

“You have opened my eyes (and heart)! I will be forever thankful for the ideas you gave us. Those will influence my future opinions, awareness, and decisions. Thank you, thank you!” –attendee in a Zagreb leadership conference

“When Bob and Gregg Vanourek presented at the Regis University ‘Fire Within’ Leadership Conference, they showed us their own inner fire for the subject of leadership. Their passion was palpable, their message compelling, and their presentation style highly interactive. It was great for the students and faculty to see a father-son duo working together and modeling the practices of effective and ethical leadership.” –Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder, Carson J. Spencer Foundation

“You are one of the most inspirational people I have had the chance to listen to.” –attendee in a Zagreb leadership conference

“I attended the public launch of Triple Crown Leadership in Vail where Bob and Gregg presented to an overflow audience. Their message was insightful, inspiring, and practical…. They inspired me to tap into deeper values and aspirations, and to envision specific steps for bringing them to life. Their grounded background in building and re-building companies and organizations allows them to walk the talk. They are enthusiastic about sharing what they have learned with others who aspire to be triple crown leaders and stewards. They will have a significant impact on the future of leadership.” –Art Currier, CEO, Currier & Associates

Triple Crown Leadership is a great book, the best I have ever read on leadership, and I have read dozens of such books. I attended a joint presentation Bob and Gregg gave and was thrilled with their ability to weave stories and deep leadership insights into their messages…. There is nobility to their message that is so compelling you really want to pursue this quest.” –Dr. Peggy L. Curry, former Vice President, Colorado Mountain College

“Bob and Gregg Vanourek gave a dynamic talk on leadership at the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship. Students, faculty, and alumni were impressed with their interactive and engaging presentation style. Their emphasis on the need to continually develop ourselves as people and leaders—focusing on results, integrity, and sustainability—resonated with our attendees.” –Catherine Kunst, MBA, PhD, Former Executive Director, Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado Denver Business School

“I think you have just changed my life. Thank you.” –attendee in a Zagreb leadership conference