Integrated Coaching

Clarity. Progress. Good Life and Good Work.

Wondering what’s next? Seeking more? Lacking clarity or motivation? Considering a transition?

As your trusted guide, I can help you go from where you are now to where you want to go. I take a holistic approach with my coaching, helping you thrive in all aspects of your life and work. Too many people get consumed by work while their personal life suffers, or vice versa. We must begin by leading self: self-awareness, purpose, values, strengths, and avoiding traps. Coaching can help you identify issues and work through them with the support of a trusted guide. I act as your partner, walking alongside you with empathy and support. I help you grow your capacities and meet your chosen commitments. I strive to elicit your courage, wisdom, and sense of possibility–and to boost your fun factor. And I invite you to integrate your head and heart in your work–integrating your life and work into a coherent whole.


  • Thrive personally and professionally
  • Craft a good life with good work
  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Reconnect with your values, aspirations, and passions
  • Get unstuck
  • Avoid common traps of leading and living (e.g., burnout)
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment as you grow in your capacities
  • Take your life back
Personally, do you who want to:
  • Design your life for more success, joy, and fulfillment?
  • Figure out what’s next?
  • Love what you do?
  • Take your life back?
Professionally, do you want to:
  • Regain clarity about your path and aspirations?
  • Raise your leadership game?
  • Maintain high performance while also having a life?
  • Step up into more challenging roles?

Why Work with Gregg

  • Exceptional to work with
  • Rave reviews from clients
  • Extensive experience with market-leading organizations across industries and sectors
  • Deep experience with personal, professional, and leadership transitions
  • Rare combination of practical experience and extensive research, including three books
  • Gregg works first to understand your context and goals, and then to deliver top-notch services with deep impact

Not sure if you want or need a coach now?

Feel free to get in touch to get acquainted and learn how it works. Take my Traps Test (Common Traps of Living) to identify what’s getting in the way of your happiness and fulfillment. Take my Quality of Life Assessment to help you discover your strongest areas and the areas that need work and then act accordingly. Use my Goal-Setting Template (Beyond SMART Goals) to help you set goals you can achieve based on best practices. Complete my Personal Values Exercise to help you determine what’s most important in your life and work. Or take my new Leadership Derailers Assessment to see what’s inhibiting your leadership effectiveness.

Take the Traps Test

We all fall into traps in life. Sometimes we’re not even aware of it, and we can’t get out of traps we don’t know we’re in. Evaluate yourself with our Traps Test.

Coaching Testimonials:

  • “Everyone who is pursuing a goal needs a coach. An advisor. Someone to hold them accountable. Someone who can see the bigger picture and leverage their experience to give you clarity. After 30 years of running small businesses and utilizing other coaches, I needed a fresh perspective. For the next stage of my professional career, it would be critical for me to truly understand how my traits, values, and past decisions could be leveraged to weave together my personal and professional aspirations. Gregg Vanourek provided a relaxed and professional atmosphere to accomplish this. By fully embracing his methodology and taking to heart tough business suggestions, which I needed to hear, Gregg has transformed the way that I manage my LIFE plan. I am very grateful for the time we continue to spend together learning and growing. –Jason Henderberg, Owner, Henderberg Business Solutions
  • “Your coaching and guidance helped me align my life with my personal values.” -coaching client

Take the Traps Test

Discover some of the common traps of living--things that get in the way of our happiness, quality of life, and fulfillment.

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