Gregg Vanourek brings transformational insights and actionable tools to his talks and workshops, with compelling stories and inspiration. He is a writer, teacher, facilitator, and speaker on life design and leadership.

Gregg is a leading voice in these fields and has spoken to organizations and conferences in many countries. Check out Gregg’s TEDx talk on “Discover Mode” (based on his book, LIFE Entrepreneurs) and how to avoid common life and career traps.

Speaking Examples

See Gregg’s TEDx talk on “Discover Mode: Finding Your Quest,” based on his book, LIFE Entrepreneurs.

​See Gregg’s keynote address, “A Quest and a Call,” at the Barrett Values Centre conference in Stockholm.

Gregg’s Recent Videos & Podcast Interviews:

Take the Traps Test

We all fall into traps in life. Sometimes we’re not even aware of it, and we can’t get out of traps we don’t know we’re in. Evaluate yourself with our Traps Test.