Crafting Your Life & Work Course

Crafting Your Life and Work Course

Course Overview

You can find happiness, success, and fulfillment being who you are and doing what you love.

Thinking about what’s next for you? Wondering if you’d be happier in another career or a reboot of your current job? Or your own venture? Not sure how to decide? You’re not alone.

Regain clarity, direction, and motivation for your next chapter, starting with a powerful foundation of self-awareness and commitment to your values and aspirations.

This is my signature course, and it can help you:

  • develop your self-awareness–a powerful predictor of happiness and success
  • determine your priorities
  • clarify and activate your purpose, values, vision, strengths, and passions
  • move beyond the doubts and make good choices about your life and work
  • avoid the common traps of living that inhibit your happiness and quality of life (such as overthinking, negative self-talk, and self-doubt)
  • move forward with clarity and confidence
  • create a more fulfilling life

Praise for the course:

“excellent in all areas”
“a life-changing experience”

Why Work with Me

I’ve been there before, navigating big transitions. I’ve worked in different industries and sectors, including startups, small business, education technology, social entrepreneurship, and higher education, including industry-leading enterprises. I’ve worked with, interviewed, and spoken with countless people on their life journey and career path, and I’ve been learning about and working on this for decades. I love it. I’ve lived in three different countries, and I’m a working parent trying to fit all the pieces together. (For more info, see my bio.)

I’ll bring you best practices across disciplines, including psychology, human development, design thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, and more.

Most importantly, I’ll help you reconnect with what’s most important to you and craft a life you want.

What are you waiting for?
Craft a life you love. 

This process takes time, thought, clarity, motivation, and action. It’s well worth it. Stop waiting and start crafting your life.

Course Schedule

The next course is not yet open for enrollment, but you can register your interest by clicking on the link below.

In the future, we’re planning two versions of the course: one live that you take together with a group on scheduled days and one asynchronous that you go through on your own at your own pace and at your convenience.

Course Content

This course is holistic, addressing both your personal and professional goals and how they fit together. It’s highly interactive, with a powerful blend of actionable tools, research, examples, and inspiration–including dialogue, reflection, assessments, and peer feedback. And it’s fun! You’ll be drawing on what you learn in this course for the rest of your life.

Module 1


Module 2

of Living

Module 3

Values and Purpose

Module 4

Strengths and Passions

Module 5


Module 6


Module 7


Module 8

for Action


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course offered?

Via Zoom in live sessions with other learners, and with suggested (optional) work in between sessions and a wealth of resources available beyond the course.

Are there time limitations on the course, and what’s the time commitment?

The course is offered at set times, with interaction among peers and exercises you do during and between the sessions. It contains 4 sessions, each a week apart, and each lasting 3 hours (resulting in 12 hours of coursework, not including time you may want to put in between the weekly sessions, which is optional). This month-long process can be transformative–the beginning of your quest for a better life.

Who is the course for?

It’s for people who:

  • are facing life transitions or big decisions about their career or next steps
  • feel uncertain about what to do next
  • are considering a career change (or in the middle of one) and perhaps overwhelmed by all the options
  • are experiencing early-career struggles or midlife or retirement questions or transitions

Take a look at reasons why people have signed up for the course over the years — and at testimonials from course takers.

How is this course different from others?

This course will help you connect the dots between your personal and professional goals. It integrates material from different domains and combines them into a powerful package. It will get you testing and trying ideas, helping you iterate your way forward. It’s powerful to walk through this process with others. You’ll see that you’re not alone, and you’ll be able to tap into the wisdom and support of the group. This is Gregg’s signature course. 

What’s included in the course?

  • an expertly crafted set of lessons, assessments, exercises, and resources all based on research and practical experience with people from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • step-by-step guidance so you can implement what you’re learning quickly
  • support from Gregg during the course, with help and feedback
  • a community of fellow seekers that you can learn from and connect with
  • a copy of Gregg’s book, LIFE Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives
  • a certificate of completion (for all who finish the course)

Your future awaits you. Why not start crafting it more intentionally now, so you can fill your days with purpose, connection, and contribution? Why not start working toward the life you want and becoming the person you want to be? Ready to stop settling and start living again?

Let’s go!

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