Why Take the Course

Former students in the course weighed in on why they took the course and what they hoped to get out of it:

“To live life with purpose and passion and be inspired to continue making changes towards fulfilling life and work.”

“I’ve started to question my choice of career and whether it’s a good fit for my values. I hope this course will give me tools to evaluate where I should be heading next.”

“Insight in how to focus my next steps in life. I have to decide what comes next. I always try to do too many things so I live quite stressed and can’t really enjoy daily life.”

“To get a clearer view of how to continue my career and make it more meaningful.”

“A clearer sense of direction about the next step for me professionally. I have worked for 20 years now and feel I’m at a crossroads. I want to live more authentically and find ways to contribute more based on who I am and what I’ve learned.”

“I’ve found great difficulties in identifying and focusing my personal strengths into a specific and concrete direction. I hope the course will help me make important decisions for my future.”

“I’m at this point in life where I’m questioning everything I do. Is this what I really want? Do I see myself doing this my entire life? Does it make me happy? I see this course as a big step forward in discovering myself.”

“To do some in-depth reflection about myself—my passion, motivation, values, etc. I want to learn more about my true intrinsic motivation, which I believe will help me be honest with myself and make good career and personal choices.”

“I’m the confused job seeker who wants to get a better sense of where to go next. Not truly satisfied with where I am at the moment.”

“I’m in a transition phase where I’ve identified an area I’d like to pursue but I’ve not yet decided exactly how. I have three small kids and would like to find a balance between work and family. I believe this course could give me some additional perspectives and time to reflect in a structured way. I also believe it could be fruitful to meet others in the same situation.”

“I am genuinely moved by many things in life. My broad range of interests combined with the infinite number of choices life can offer makes me uncertain which direction I should head and where I should focus in my life. I hope the course can guide me in this process and help me understand myself and my motivations better.”

“1. To be able to pinpoint in what direction I’m going, why, and if it’s the right one. 2. To sharpen my ability to make strategic choices about my life and career, thus avoiding the most impulsive choices that will take me in the wrong direction. 3. To meet exciting new people who will inspire me.”

“How to create something coherent connecting work, play, and life.”

“I have been in academia for almost ten years and now I’m searching for a job in a new field. In this transition phase of my career, I’d like to get a new perspective and new points of view.”

“Time for reflection and calibration.”

“To find out how to find one’s passion and values in life.”

“I’m interested in learning tools that help me become more aware of my personal needs and goals and how I can use that knowledge in my career.”

“I’m currently exploring future career opportunities. I see this course as a great way to gain input, trigger ideas, and give impulses on the way to deciding my next career step.”

“In work, I’ve lost the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m hoping this course will challenge the way I currently think and help reframe what’s important to me so I can pursue what truly matters.”

“I hope the course will equip me with more tools and insights on how to identify my strengths and values and how to employ them for the benefit of others and myself.”

“I’m in a stage of my life in which I crave direction and guidance. I believe this course will not only give me inspiration but also allow me to connect with other like-minded people and share my passions and insights with others.”

“I believe this course will help me shape my future so I’ll be able to get as much as I can from my life and give as much as I can to the people around me and the world.”

“I hope to gain a foundation from which to evaluate my choices.”

“A toolset of skills that will help me organize my priorities better and make better decisions.”

“I seek inspiration, career advice, and further knowledge about my passions.”

“I would like to gain new ideas and perspectives for my future after I’ll be done with my studies. I’m hoping to meet new people who have diverse life backgrounds and will inspire with interesting ideas and observations.”

“This year has been absolutely the strangest and most difficult year of my life. I’ve been continuously doubting whether what I’m doing and the choices I’m making are ‘right.’ I’ve felt that some of the changes were ‘life happening to me’ rather than me taking full ownership of what happens. Now I’m moving back to the city to start a new job. I have a burning question in my mind: So now what? I’d love to attend this course to learn how to make more conscious choices, ground them in who I actually am, and what’s important to me. I hope I could rediscover what actually matters to me, as right now I’m not so sure of it anymore.”

“I’m finishing my degree soon and have no idea what I’m going to do. It’s scaring me more than I thought it would.”

“After working and living in eight countries and exploring more than ten job roles, I’m currently changing industry. I believe that today we need to be equipped with the mindset and ability to constantly redesign our lives and careers to realize our fullest potential.”

“This year has been a very difficult year for me, including very tough challenges professionally. Right now, I’m at a crossroads, trying to figure out where to go from here. While I hear a lot of noise from the outside, I find it difficult to tune in and listen to myself. I hope this course will help me find my inner voice and break down what kind of strategy I should be pursuing based on my values, passions, aspirations, and strengths.”

“I left my comfort zone with a secure job because I felt I wanted more from life, both professionally and personally. I wasn’t sure where this step would take me. All my new developments and plans need to have a more strategic approach so I can plan where to go with my life.”

“I’m currently looking into starting my own company. But I’m not sure how to tackle it and whether I’m really ready to give myself complete to the startup life. Is now the right time? Do I have the competencies I need to start the business? How do I evaluate other options?”

“In my childhood, I had to follow my parents’ dreams, not mine. For some time, I’ve been free to make my own decisions, but I still feel insecure.”

“Being overwhelmed with all the possible career choices and entrepreneurial dreams and by not knowing if I should follow passion or logic, I hope this course can help me find my guiding light in this vast ocean of choices. I also hope to get a better understanding of myself and to define my unique strengths.”

“My hope is that the course will give me the confidence to gain the most from my pending move abroad and a whole new profession. I believe it could help me achieve my true potential and better identify and act upon my instincts, as opposed to continuing to be a victim of paralysis by analysis.”

“I sometimes wonder if I’m still going in the right direction. Or if there’s something like a right direction to begin with. It’s all very overwhelming at times. I feel this course will help bring perspective on how to use my skills effectively to benefit all and in the end have a feeling of contentment.”

“How do I find, discover, or create my passion?”

“Within my ongoing career transition, I would benefit from better navigation capabilities.”

“As a confused job seeker and person in continuous transition, I wish I had the perfect toolbox to access and explore my creative side that may help me navigate among all my accumulated knowledge and experiences.”

“I hope to get deeper self-knowledge and clarity about my future path, with new insights and inspiration.”

“I would like to gain insights on how to plan my career, find new passions, and choose future ventures. Also, I enjoy connecting with like-minded people who are keen on shaping their future path ambitiously.”

“The prospect of finally identifying personal strengths and passions is very exciting to say the least.”

“Being a medical doctor now towards the end of my PhD training, I find myself curious and optimistic but still searching for how to best use my knowledge, creativity, and passion to help the medical system keep evolving in a potent and sustainable way.”

“I completed medical school. The main question: What’s next? I would like to contribute to society, but I want to find my own way and my own passion.”

“I want to bring the spirit of entrepreneurship to my life. I hope that participating in this course will help me build a vision out of the opportunities surrounding me and keep myself motivated to reach it.”

“I’m a PhD student graduating in a few months. I want to decide whether to stay in academia or not.”

“Questions like ‘What is my next step?’, ‘What brings me joy in life?’, and ‘Who am I?’ swirl around in my head almost every day.”

“What should I go for after graduation?”

“I hope to gain skills to better manage my work/life balance.”

“I hope this course can inspire me to find ideas on how to combine my passion for technology, communication, and art and share it with people.”

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