Traps Test: Common Traps of Living

Traps Test: The Common Traps of Living

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We all fall into traps in life. Sometimes we’re not even aware of it. We can't get out of traps that we don’t know we're in. Here are some common traps of living--things that get in the way of our happiness, quality of life, and fulfillment. Rate all the traps below that have affected you. Don’t deliberate too long on questions. Go with your gut instinct and move briskly. (Scale: 1 – Not a problem at all; 2 – Minor problem; 3 – Moderate problem; 4 – Serious problem.)
1 - Not a problem at all2 - Minor problem3 - Moderate problem4 - Serious problem
Avoidance: not facing up to difficult conflicts, tasks, or situations
Blaming: finding fault with others or circumstances instead of looking within
Catastrophizing: assuming the worst and blowing things out of proportion
Comparing: measuring yourself against others and judging your worth by how you stack up
Complacency: allowing yourself to lose urgency and motivation
Conforming: following the crowd and fitting in with conventions instead of blazing your own path
Disconnection: lacking closeness with family, friends, or colleagues
Drifting: getting carried along by the current of outside influences instead of steering to where you want to go