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​Each of Gregg Vanourek’s talks incorporates a powerful mix of research, frameworks, applications, storytelling, and interactivity. Gregg will craft customized talks and workshops with you and your team.

Check out Gregg’s TEDx talk (based on his book, LIFE Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives).

Crafting Your Life and Work: Navigating Transitions

Wondering what’s next? Not sure about the path you’re on? Lacking clarity or direction? Hungry for more? Start here: craft your life and work with purpose and passion. Don’t sit around waiting. Don’t follow the crowd. Blaze your own trail. Start. Take your life back. Based on Gregg’s book, LIFE Entrepreneurs (co-written with Christopher Gergen), a call for integrating your life and work with purpose and passion.

Good Life & Good Work

What does it mean to lead a good life—and craft a good career? Here we give you ancient wisdom and modern science on what it means to lead a good life. We address job crafting, purpose, values, strengths, common traps, and life design. What would be a good life for you? What’s next? Invest in yourself, take stock, and regroup for the next chapter.

Discover Mode: Finding Your Quest

Not sure about your current path? Wondering if something is missing? Not sure about what’s next? Begin with “discover mode,” an iterative process of action and reflection, to discover who you are, what you care about, what you’re good at, and how you can impact others. Learn a powerful process for blazing your own path in life–and avoiding common traps.

Triple Crown Leadership: Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring

Not getting the results you want? Lacking full engagement? What kind of leadership can build an organization that achieves exceptional results, operates with integrity, and operates sustainably? Learn five advanced leadership practices for achieving sustainable high performance with an exceptional culture. Based on Gregg’s book, Triple Crown Leadership, co-written with his father, Bob Vanourek, based on research and interviews with 61 organizations in 11 countries.

The Common Traps of Living

What are the common traps that lead us to frustration, disengagement, burnout, or dissatisfaction? Here we help you identify derailers based on extensive research and work with professionals, leaders, seekers, and changemakers worldwide. How can we avoid these traps? (Check out my Traps Test (Common Traps of Living), a self-assessment you can take to identify what’s getting in the way of your happiness, quality of life, and fulfillment.)

Leadership Derailers

What are the things that take you off track and inhibit your leadership effectiveness? Too often, we focus on what to do as leaders, and we neglect the things we need to stop doing. (Check out my Leadership Derailers Assessment, which you can take to identify what’s inhibiting your leadership effectiveness.)

Other Speaking Topics (Shorter Programs):

  • Assessing Your Quality of Life: Are You on the Way to Your Best Life?
  • How Our Minds Get in the Way of Our Best Life
  • How Our Views about Happiness Get in the Way of Our Best Life
  • Best Practices in Goal-Setting and Goal-Pursuit (Beyond SMART Goals)
  • From Burnout to Resilience through Self-Care
  • Our Best Life through and with Others: Relationships
  • Developing Courage, Confidence, and Decisiveness
  • Systematic Personal Development and Good Habits
  • Gratitude, Nature, and Awe
  • Revving Up Our Health and Energy Engine: Three Boosters
  • From Drifting and Settling to Lighting Our Life and Work on Fire
  • How to Stop Comparing and Conforming: Back to Our Own Best Life

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