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Too often, we neglect our personal growth and leadership development as we get lost in our daily tasks. Big mistake. Investments in our leadership and personal development pay big dividends.

Let’s lead ourselves first, and develop our capacity to make an impact, lead others, and lead change.

Custom workshops, retreats, & courses for executives, managers, teams, and changemakers. Personal growth and leadership development drive sustainable high performance–transforming people, teams, and organizations.

Training and Facilitation Methods:

Highly interactive, with a powerful blend of actionable tools, research, relevant examples, and inspiration–including assessments, dialogue, reflection, experiential learning, and peer feedback.

Workshop Topics

Crafting Your Life & Work: Navigating Transitions. Wondering what’s next? Not sure about the path you’re on? Lacking clarity, direction, or motivation? Hungry for more? Start here: craft your life and work with purpose and passion. Don’t sit around waiting. Don’t follow the crowd. Blaze your own trail. Start. Take your life back. Based on Gregg’s book, LIFE Entrepreneurs (co-written with Christopher Gergen), a call for integrating your life and work with purpose and passion. Here you learn how to apply the tools and methods of design thinking and entrepreneurship to life and work choices and transitions. We show you how to move forward regardless of where you are.

Good Life & Good Work. What does it mean to lead a good life and do good work? This workshop draws on insights from different fields (psychology, philosophy, design, leadership), ancient wisdom, and current research and cutting-edge practices (design thinking, lean startup methods, job crafting). Who should attend: All seeking a good life and good work. All who want more–who want a life infused with their values, passions, and aspirations. Why settle?


The Common Traps of Living. What are the common traps that lead us to frustration, disengagement, burnout, or dissatisfaction? What’s getting in the way of your happiness, quality of life, and fulfillment? Here we help you identify traps–like burnout, overwork, having our identity too wrapped up in our work, perfectionism, comparing ourselves to others, running someone else’s race, and more–based on extensive research and work with professionals, leaders, seekers, and changemakers worldwide. How can we avoid these traps?


Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations. What kind of leadership does it take to build an organization or team that achieves exceptional results, operates with integrity, and operates sustainably? Raise your sights about leadership and build a culture of high-performance and engagement. Based on Gregg’s book, Triple Crown Leadership, based on interviews with leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries and a winner of the International Book Awards. Who should attend: Anyone seeking to develop their leadership (or that of their teams) and achieve sustainable high performance.

Leadership Derailers: What’s Taking Your Leadership Off Track? What are your leadership derailers, the things that inhibit your leadership effectiveness? Too often, we focus on what to do as leaders, and we neglect the things we need to stop doing, the things that get us into trouble. Here Gregg notes the most common leadership derailers—such as avoiding conflict, not adequately developing others, not investing enough in culture, indecision, overwork, and more—including an interactive session in which you can discover your own and then get to work on addressing them.


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  • Deep experience with personal, professional, and leadership transitions
  • Rare combination of practical experience and extensive research, including three influential books
  • Extensive experience with market-leading organizations across industries and sectors
  • Exceptional to work with
  • Rave reviews from clients
  • Gregg works first to understand your context and goals, and then to deliver top-notch services with deep impact

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