Workshops, Retreats, and Training

According to Gallup research, about 70% of employee dissatisfaction comes from poor management. Too many workers are disengaged. Too many organizations fall short of their potential.

Let’s build better leadership together. Let’s connect personal and professional development by leading ourselves first, and then achieving leadership excellence.

Custom workshops, retreats, & programs for teams, executives, managers, and changemakers. Leadership and personal development drive sustainable high performance–transforming people, teams, and organizations.

  • Companies
  • Nonprofits and associations
  • Universities (e.g., executive education programs, career development offices) and schools
Programs for:
  • Executive teams
  • Managers
  • High-potentials and changemakers
  • Boards
  • Boost performance and impact while increasing engagement
  • Clarify your purpose, values, vision, strengths, and aspirations
  • Grow and develop on your path to personal and professional excellence and sustainable high performance
  • Thrive in all your chosen contexts
Training and Facilitation Methods:

Highly interactive, with a powerful blend of actionable tools, research, relevant examples, and inspiration–including assessments, dialogue, reflection, experiential learning, and peer feedback.

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Workshop Topics

Crafting Your Life & Work: Navigating Transitions & Transformations. Learn how to apply the tools and methods of design thinking and entrepreneurship to life and work choices and transitions. This is the place where entrepreneurship meets the good life. Design your life and work intentionally. Who should attend: Anybody thinking about their next steps (in transition or feeling stuck).

Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations. What kind of leadership does it take to build an organization that achieves exceptional results, operates with integrity, and operates sustainably? Who should attend: Management teams, executives, boards, managers, high-potentials, emerging leaders, changemakers.

Good Life & Good Work. What does it mean to lead a good life and do good work? This workshop draws on insights from different fields (psychology, philosophy, design, leadership), ancient wisdom, and current research and cutting-edge practices (design thinking, lean startup methods, job crafting). Who should attend: All seeking a good life and good work, those in transitions or who feel stuck or wonder what’s next.

Ethical Leadership. Too often we are under-prepared for ethical challenges and dilemmas that we encounter in the workplace. (And too often the ethical training is too academic or philosophical, without recognizing the pressures and dynamics of today’s workplace.)

Shorter Workshops and Programs:

  • Resilience and Self-Care in Hard Times
  • Ideation—Developing and Evaluating Innovative Venture Ideas
  • Purpose, Values, and Vision

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