Goals Guide

“Goals Guide: Best Practices in Setting and Pursuing Goals”

Goals are common, but that doesn’t mean we’re good at setting and achieving them. Far from it. 

Many of us put a fair amount of time into goal-setting but very little time into designing good systems and processes for goal-pursuit. The result: falling short on our goals fairly often. Time to change that! 

This short guidebook has everything you need to know about setting and pursuing goals in one place.


1. The Benefits of Setting and Pursuing Goals.  On the different types of goals and the benefits of goals in our life and work, from energy and confidence to productivity and performance.

2. The Most Common Mistakes in Goal-Setting and Goal-Pursuit. The 7 most common mistakes, including overwhelm, an overly narrow approach to goal-setting, lowering goals if we fail to achieve them, and losing steam in our goal pursuit. 

3. Goal-Setting Best Practices: Beyond SMART Goals. SMART goals are useful but insufficient. It’s a popular and memorable framework but missing essential elements, and it doesn’t address how our goals may or may not hang well together. This chapter includes 7 criteria for individual goals plus 3 criteria for the set of goals.

4. Goal-Pursuit: Best Practices. Many of us fall short of our goals fairly often. Sometimes the problem is in goal-setting, but in other cases the problem is in our goal-pursuit process—something very few of us have learned about. On the goal-pursuit mindset, the people factor, goal-pursuit techniques, and goal-pursuit systems.

5. Related Articles and Resources. Includes books, articles, videos, and more.

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