Passion Probe

1. Passions List: Our passions are the things that consume us with palpable emotion over time. We love doing them and talk about them often. Review the list of passions below and note the ones that resonate most with you. (Required)

1. Passions List

Other Passions: Review the passions you selected from the list above and think about whether you have any strong passions that are missing from the list. If you wish, consider these questions, answering quickly with your gut instinct and skipping the ones that don’t quickly bring something to mind:

a. What lit me up when I was a child?

b. What activities bring me joy?

c. Which subjects interest me the most, continually drawing me in?

d. What would I keep doing enthusiastically even if I didn’t get paid for it?

e. What am I continually curious about or fascinated with?

f. What things do I get excited about doing or discovering?

g. What fills me up with energy and makes me come alive?

h. What activities do I lose myself in, losing track of time?

i. What problem(s) do I feel compelled to solve?

j. What do I long to master?

List any other strong passions here (not captured in the list above):

2. Top Passions: Reviewing your answers to the questions above, list your top three to five passions— the things that consume you with palpable emotion over time. If you can, place them in order, or at least identify your top passion. (Required)
3. Descriptions: Describe each of your top passions. Consider finishing the sentence, “I love it when I’m….,” and noting important details (e.g., what you’re doing and for whom and how, where, or when). (Required)
4. Usage: To what extent are you using your top passions (at work, home, etc.)? Address each passion in turn and explain. (Required)
5. Ideation: How could you use your top passions more? Brainstorm many ideas here without filtering. (Required)
6. Action: What specific actions will you take this week to start integrating your top passions more into your life and work? (Required)
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