Quality of Life Assessment

Score each area below (0 = empty, 10 = full) and answer the questions that follow. Don’t deliberate too long on questions. Go with your gut instinct and move briskly. (Required)
1. Personal Core(Required)
(happiness, quality of life, contentment, joy, sense of meaning, fulfillment, gratitude, authenticity, living in accordance with purpose and values, spirit/connection to something bigger)
2. Health and Vitality(Required)
(physical and mental: safety, nutrition, sleep, exercise, strength, flexibility, energy, endurance, mindfulness, emotional calm, relaxation, resilience, self-care)
3. Spouse or Partner* (if applicable)
(physical and emotional safety, giving and receiving love, honesty, trust, respect, mutual support, communication, openness, affection, intimacy, commitment, faithfulness, healthy conflict, fun)
4. Family(Required)
(relationship with children, parents, siblings, relatives: physical and emotional safety, giving and receiving love, honesty, trust, respect, openness, commitment, belonging, communication, mutual support, affection, healthy conflict, acceptance, boundaries, fun)
5. Friends(Required)
(connection, openness, honesty, trust, respect, commitment, mutual support, reciprocity, authenticity, vulnerability, fun)
6. Education and Learning(Required)
(learning, knowledge, skills, training, courses, reading, etc.: interest, relevance, engagement, valuable content, intellectual development, curiosity, fun)
7. Work** (if applicable)
(safety, engagement, enjoyment, opportunity, achievement, excellence, contribution, use of strengths, progress on meaningful work, work environment, sense of belonging, compensation, benefits, recognition, flexibility, trust, diversity, equity, fairness, fit with values)
8. Service(Required)
(contributions to and impact on family, friends, classmates, colleagues, community, and/or causes or places, acts of caring and kindness toward others, volunteering, donating, supporting)
9. Activities(Required)
(play, fun, hobbies, travel, free time, vacations: enjoyment and engagement, intentional use of time, relaxation, interest level, meaningful and memorable experiences)
10. Financial(Required)
(income, assets, security, budgeting, emergency fund, savings, investments, wealth-building, planning, diversification, risk mitigation, sense of control, spending aligned with values, on track to meet financial goals and retirement needs, insurance)
Note that there are tradeoffs, and the point is not that all areas should have high scores. You could also score each one not just today but cumulatively over your lifetime.
* Skip the “Spouse or Partner” field if not relevant (i.e., no partner and not seeking one).
** Skip the “Work” field if not relevant (i.e., no work and not seeking it) and feel free to include parenting, family caregiving, and/or household work, if applicable.
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