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You've been asked to provide input on somebody's strengths.

1. Strengths List: Strengths are the things at which people most excel. They make us feel powerful when using them, and we’re able to perform at a high level with them. Review the list of strengths below and, thinking about the person who sent you this request, note the strengths at which that person excels.(Required)

1. Strengths List

Other Strengths: Review the strengths you selected from the list above and think about whether that person has any major strengths that are missing from the list. List any other of their major strengths here:

2. Core Strengths: Reviewing your answers to the questions above, list this person’s three to five core strengths—the things at which they most excel. If you can, place them in order, or at least identify their top strength. If you wish, feel free to write a brief description of what you’ve observed about each strength and the impact it’s had on you or others. (Required)
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